“Convincing Your Husband To Let You Decorate Your Way”

I am a man. I am an architect. I am not an interior designer, but I am tuned in to the design world and have definite opinions. That said, I have witnessed enough meetings where the semi-clueless husband does battle with his wife over her (usually) tasteful thoughts on the interior design of their new house, that even I have had a change of heart over the years. I let my wife make the interior design decisions (although she is not “trained” and doesn’t obsess over design like I do) and I have not been disappointed.

Men, let your wife handle this. That’s why we designed a den or a media room or an office for you; so that you can pick out dark mahogany cabinets and hunter green walls there and leave the rest of the house to your wife and highly trained professionals.

From the CoteDeTexas blog… One question I get asked over and over again, as both an interior designer and as a blogger, is what to do about husbands (or partners) who refuse to let you decorate your house the way you want to? What happens if one partner has exquisite taste, while the other has, well, less than wonderful taste? How does a wife tell her husband to leave the decorating to her? Men and women have such different ideas about decorating and let’s just admit that most husbands’ design preferences are clichéd. For instance, what is it about wood paneling that men love so much? I can’t count the number of times I’ve gotten an email from a distraught wife telling me her husband refuses to let her paint over their 60s style faux wood “paneling.” For some unknown reason, men think it is sacrilege to paint over anything made out of brown wood, despite how many veneers of plywood make up this purported “wood.” Why?

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About More Than Architects

I’m Rick Clanton. Michael Ruegamer and I are architects and the principals of Group 3 Design on Hilton Head Island, SC. We provide architecture and interior design services for homes in the US and the Caribbean Islands.
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