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“Convincing Your Husband To Let You Decorate Your Way”

I am a man. I am an architect. I am not an interior designer, but I am tuned in to the design world and have definite opinions. That said, I have witnessed enough meetings where the semi-clueless husband does battle … Continue reading

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A Third World Solution To A Third World Problem

A simple solution to something we never think about here. This is the kind of “Green” I like because it makes someone’s life better. That’s “saving the planet”.

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A Real Farmhouse

A “Real” Farmhouse? Really? Are there farmhouses that aren’t real? Well, no, that’s not what I mean! This house is no more real than any other unless by “real” you mean that it’s on a farm and that the couple … Continue reading

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Roof Rants

Well, I was thinking that for “Roof Rants” I’d layout all the reasons that you should use anything but asphalt shingles. Then after going on for several pages I was getting confused myself. It’s really not that complicated- nothing you … Continue reading

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