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It’s Confusing Being Green

Off hand, I can’t think of a single building product that doesn’t advertise it’s environmental benefits. To a consumer, it’s confusing. To the professional designer, it’s confusing too so it’s no wonder that many decide to follow a program like … Continue reading

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Why Is My House Falling Apart?

Houses are the most wonderful things (if you don’t feel either a.- I love my house, or b.- I wish I loved my house, you can stop reading now). The problem with houses and house love is maintenance, there is … Continue reading

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What Not To Build, Part 2 (updated)

Columns, So Simple, So Easy To Mis-Use When you think of traditional buildings, you think of columns. Not all traditional buildings have columns, but most traditional buildings have the proportions of different types of columns and their associated pieces (called … Continue reading

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What Not To Build, Part 1

You wouldn’t go out looking like this (hopefully). At least not if you hoped to be taken seriously- because you know that you’d draw attention to yourself for the wrong reasons. You know enough of the “rules” of fashion to … Continue reading

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